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Coupe Troubleshooter Guide

The Coupe Troubleshooter (CTS) is arguably a rather upmarket Frequently Asked Question section. It is also a feature that in order to work at its full potential, will require a good deal of input from you the users and we hope you will assist us with its future development.

We have found that over the years the same faults and symptoms occur in our member's cars, and consequently the same questions are regularly posted on our forum particularly as new members sign up.

The CTS is a system which we hope will enable members to match the symptoms their car is experiencing to one or more potential causes and fixes. At the very least it may highlight a place to start looking.

Where the matter has been discussed on the forum, you can also add links to the relevant posts.

How do you use the CTS ?

Simply open the "Filter by Symptoms" to display a variety of symptoms. You can select more than one symptom if applicable but this may reduce the likelihood of a match being found. Once your symptoms have been selected, click on the "Apply Filter" button.

If there is a match, faults with the symptoms you selected will be displayed. You can expand the box to highlight a fuller Fault Description and one or more potential Fixes, by selecting the "+" sign.

How can you help us improve the CTS ?

We need your Faults and Fixes. If you found a different fix to the list of symptoms, please add it.
If you have a new fault / symptom AND the fix we can add that to our database, to help other members in the future.

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