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The Club Admin Team

mr v6
Club Secretary / Treasurer

mr v6 (Chris) is from the Manchester area. He has been a Coupe owner since January 2005 and drives a 1997 V6 in Pulsar Yellow. He joined the forum in April 2005 and has been posting ever since. He is now our most prolific poster. Chris enjoys servicing and repairing Coupes, and also has a keen interest in all aspects of vehicle detailing. In September 2007, after a couple of years of sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with so many other members, Chris was invited to become a moderator. Since that time he has been actively involved in the running of the Club and the supervision of forum issues. In November 2013, Chris took over the roles of club secretary and treasurer and now also deals with memberships and the club funds.


Al (Finchy) joined the club in 2010 whilst on the search for a HDi Coupe after owning a saloon. He has become known as the HDi guru of the club, and spends alot of his time fixing, modifying and detailing Coupes for other members. He even managed to talk some sense into his girlfiend Lorraine (Rrainey) who replaced her BMW with a V6 Coupe! As recognition for his efforts in helping other members and for his continuous presence on the Club forum he was offered moderator status which he accepted. Al lives in close proximity to the Prescott hill climb where annual coupe meets are regularly held as part of 'Pugfest'.


Tim (twcc) knew when he first saw a 406 Coupe in 1997 that one day he would own one, although he had to wait a while for the right one to come along, he now owns a RHD limited edition Hyperion Blue settant'anni. Tim has been an active member since 2007 and a Moderator since 2009. He is an avid collector of Pininfarina and 406 Coupe literature, and doubles as the Club's resident "Stato". Tim is a regular at local, National and International Coupe Club events and is keen to share his enthusiasm for the 406 Coupe.

Site Administrator

Yomchi86 (Stu) bought his first coupe on Valentine's day 2009 as a present to himself after wanting one for years but never been able to afford the insurance. An IT Professional by trade - specialising in Cyber Security, Stu was asked to assist Dave with the running and maintenance of the web site to keep everything ticking over nicely. Not so much into the modding scene but likes subtle changes to complement the coupe's design. Also a keen detailer who likes nothing more than to see a shiny coupe - whatever the colour!

Site Administrator

TeladiPhoenix (Dave) is from Warwickshire. He first bought a HDi Silver & Black Edition Coupe in November 2003 and is now on his third, a 2003 3.0L V6. Although loving the original Coupe, Dave is a keen modifier, believing that there is some small room for improvement. Dave first found the club in 2008 and was invited to join the moderator team in 2009. Dave works in IT and soon became the primary administrator for the original club website. He is now responsible for the design and construction of the club's current website and all it's databases and applications, and is the main contact for website issues.

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