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Coupe Colours

During the period in which 406 Coupes were manufactured there were 15 official body colours in the range. It is however important to note that not all of these colours were available in the UK market and some colours were only available for limited period of the production run.

On introduction to the UK in 1997, Peugeot offered the Coupe in nine different colours. These were light and dark shades of Red, Blue, Green and Grey along with a rather "attention grabbing" bright yellow. Each colour was given a specific identification name as shown below.

Ariane BlueBleu RivieraBlu RivieraRiviera Blau
Peugeot Colour Code: EGSC

Polaris BlueBleu ByzanceBlu BisanzioByzanz Blau
Peugeot Colour Code: EGTC

Scarlet RedRouge EcarlateRosso ScarlattoEcarlat Rot
Peugeot Colour Code: EKGB

Diablo RedRouge LuciferRosso LuciferoLuzifer Rot
Peugeot Colour Code: EKQD

Tucanae GreenVert LuganoVerde LuganoLugano Grün
Peugeot Colour Code: KQKC

Galileo GreenVert PoloVerde PoloClub Grün
Peugeot Colour Code: KQFC

Satellite GreyGris ThalliumGrigio TallioThallium Silber
Peugeot Colour Code: EVWC

Cosmos GreyGris CosmosGrigio CosmoCosmos Grau
Peugeot Colour Code: EYFC

Pulsar YellowJaune LouxorGiallo LuxorLuxor Gelb
Peugeot Colour Code: KBMB

Within these nine body colours, Scarlet Red and Pulsar Yellow were solid, Diablo Red was pearlescent and the remaining six colours were metallic.

These original nine body colours were still being advertised as the only official colours in the Coupe sales brochure dated September 2000. However by September 2001 the Coupe had undergone some revisions, the newer D9 version was out and to accompany this new version two new colours were introduced into the range. The new colours were Hyperion Blue and Solstice Gold. Records show that a mere 39 examples of Solstice Gold Coupes were imported in RHD making this by some distance the least common official colour in the UK.

Hyperion BlueBleu HypérionBlu HyperionHyperion Blau
Peugeot Colour Code: KNXC (Settant'anni: M4XC)

Solstice GoldBeige SolsticeBeige SolstizioChambord Beige
Peugeot Colour Code: KCSC

As these two new colours came in, three colours were dropped from the range. These three were Ariane Blue, Tucanae Green and Pulsar Yellow.

The next change was in 2002 when Polaris Blue was replaced by Aegean Blue. Aegean Blue although quite similar to the Polaris Blue it replaced, is a touch lighter and looks much brighter. Also in 2002 Cosmos Grey was finally phased out and Granite (Black) was added to the range. Whether it was introduced specifically, we don't know, but Granite (Black) arrived just in time for it to feature as one half of the "Silver & Black Special Edition" range of Coupes.

Aegean BlueBleu RecifeBlu Recife-
Peugeot Colour Code: KMFC

GraniteNoir GranitNero Granit-
Peugeot Colour Code: EXVC (Silver & Black: NXVC)

As mentioned above there were some colours that were not available in UK but were available on the continent. These were Hades Grey (a shade of grey much darker than Satellite grey (silver) but lighter than Cosmos Grey) and an ultra rare grey colour believed only to have been available in France named Gris Cendre. This colour appeared on later Peugeot models in the UK under the name Lunar Mist.

Hades GreyGris HadesGrigio HadesHades Grau
Peugeot Colour Code: EZDC

Lunar MistGris Cendre--
Peugeot Colour Code: ETSC

An interesting fact however has been found regarding Hades Grey. Whilst it was never an official colour in the UK, Pininfarina records do show that 46 RHD Hades Grey coupes were actually imported to the UK.
Each Paint colour has a specific identity code, to ensure that a correct match is made when resprays or touch-up's are required.

Summary of Availability in the UK

Scarlet RedMar 1997Sep 2003
Diablo RedMar 1997Sep 2003
Pulsar YellowMar 1997Sep 2001
Tucanae GreenMar 1997Sep 2000
Galileo GreenMar 1997Sep 2003
Ariane BlueMar 1997Sep 2001
Polaris BlueMar 1997Jun 2002
Satellite Grey (silver)Mar 1997Sep 2003
Cosmos GreyMar 1997Jun 2002
Hyperion BlueSep 2001Sep 2003
Solstice GoldSep 2001Sep 2003
Aegean BlueJun 2002Sep 2003
Granite (black)Jun 2002Sep 2003
Hades GreyNot UK
Lunar MistNot UK
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